What Type Of Shoes Can You Put Custom Orthotics In?

Many people don’t realize that the pain they experience in their joints, knees, back, hips, and heels is caused by improper foot support. That’s where orthotic inserts can be so helpful. These simple devices provide comfortable arch support for shoes that lack it, alleviating so much discomfort throughout your entire body. 

Once you try them, you’ll want to wear DIY Custom Insoles all the time. But can you? Let’s take a look at what types of shoes you can put custom orthotics in.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are some of the most common types of shoes to use orthotic inserts in. Especially if you wear dress shoes to work, you spend most of your day in them and naturally want to be comfortable. 

What's more, both men’s and women’s dress shoes tend to be the least comfortable and supportive. Many women wear high-heeled shoes to work, which are notorious for causing all kinds of foot problems. Even flat women’s dress shoes are usually thin (similar to ballet flats), emphasizing style over support, especially designer shoes.

The same applies to men’s dress shoes. Some of the finest men’s shoes are made from leather and other hard materials, even wood. They’re beautiful, but they’re not built for comfort.

DIY custom shoe inserts allow you to wear whatever footwear you want and look your absolute best without sacrificing your body.

Athletic Shoes

While many of us aren’t in our athletic shoes for a large portion of the day, our bodies tend to do the most work when we are. Whether we’re out for a morning run or catching a group exercise class after work, the high impact on your feet affects your whole body.

Fortunately, custom orthotics are perfect for athletic shoes as well. DIY orthotic inserts are designed to stand up to moisture and heat, so no matter how hard you work, they won’t lose their shape.


Unfortunately, sandals can be difficult to wear with orthotic inserts. Most orthotics are designed to take the place of the insole that came with the shoe. Since sandals don’t have insoles, that’s not a swap that you’ll be able to make.

It is possible to find orthotic-friendly sandals with removable footbeds. These sandals have a bit more structure to them and because the insoles are removable, you can replace them with your DIY Custom Insoles. 

Other Types of Shoes

There are many other types of shoes that you can wear your custom orthotics in. Here’s a short list of some different kinds of shoes that will usually work with shoe inserts:

  • Boots, including snow boots, dress boots, rain boots, and ski boots, and hiking boots
  • Clogs, both dress and casual
  • Galoshes
  • Deck shoes
  • Oxfords and saddle shoes
  • Cleats
  • Loafers and espadrilles
  • Stilettos, Mary Janes, slingbacks, and pumps

Never Miss A Step With Extra Insoles

While you can certainly move your custom insoles from shoe to shoe, having an extra pair or two on hand can make it more convenient. You can keep a pair in your athletic shoes while rotating a second pair through your dress shoes. 

The DIY Custom Insoles Starter Kit can be reused to make multiple pairs of orthotic inserts, which can be ordered here

Regardless of whether you’re on your feet all day long for work, need some extra comfort for a walking vacation, or want to improve your posture and athletic performance, DIY Custom Insoles provides the support you need at an affordable price.