Benefits Of Custom Insoles

Your feet carry thousands of pounds over the course of a day. They're the foundation of your body and your built-in shock absorbers. Like the rest of your body, proper foot posture is important to a healthy gait. But common conditions can cause pain in the feet, and even throughout the rest of your body when your feet are misaligned and no longer carry your weight efficiently.

If you're experiencing heel, ankle, foot, knee, hip or back pain; or if you just want to make your shoes more comfortable or improve athletic performance, you may benefit from a custom orthotic insole. While custom orthopedic shoe inserts are historically prescribed by doctors and therefore expensive, DIY Custom Insoles has developed an innovative solution that allows you to create completely custom shoe inserts right from the comfort of your home - in about 10 minutes!

Molded from your feet; not an "off the shelf" product that doesn't fit.

Thin and flexible to fit any type of shoe.

Provides customized support to the arch, heel and ball of foot.

Helps properly align foot and evenly distribute weight.

Alleviates pain due to Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, and Bruised Heel.

May help alleviate ankle, knee, hip and back pain by improving foot posture.

Improves athletic performance by alleviating pain while walking and running.

Have Your Custom Insoles Delivered To Your Doorstep

High-quality, long-lasting, comfortable and supportive custom orthopedic shoe inserts are no longer a podiatrist exclusive. Now, you can have custom insoles delivered to your doorstep with a proprietary molding cushion that allows you to create completely customized foot insoles at home in about 10 minutes.

Order the DIY Custom Insole Starter Kit today for $129 and feel the difference of happy feet!

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